Women's State Meet Parent Tips

  • Cox Pavilion is located at Tropicana and Maryland Parkway. It is about 2-3 miles from the All Las Vegas Strip Hotels and McCarran Airport. Feel free to stay at whichever hotel you are happiest with because all are convenient to the meet site. 

  • There is NO CHARGE for Parking at the COX Pavilion

  • Admission is per session per person so please be aware each session requires a new admission ticket.

  • Admission tickets can be purchased at the main box office in front of the Pavilion. The Pavilion does accept credit cards and cash.

  • Concessions will be available throughout the entire weekend.

  • Photography, T-Shirt and Leotard Vendors will be onsite. 

  • The program is FREE. It will be a digital download available on our website for parents to download and print at their convenience.

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