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Go For It USA offers classes for beginners to advanced ages 6-14. Safety, hard work, and life skills such as posture, confidence, and persistence are all emphasized in our recreational program for girls. Come let your daughter find out what she can do!



GFI Summer Festival 2013-0795

GFI Summer Festival 2013-0795

Introducing the...


Every student that can perform two out of three of their 180 degree splits will be named a Member of the BANANA SPLIT CLUB.  Each member will receive a certificate and will be added to our BANANA SPLIT CLUB recognition wall & be featured on our social media.  Members of the Banana Split Club should aspire to keep their splits and perform them upon request!!!  Congratulations Banana Splitters!!!

In Recognition of our gymnasts that have worked hard to attain their splits!

Class Descriptions

Fun Flippers (1 hour and 20 minutes)

Fun Flippers is our beginning girls' class where gymnasts will learn introductory skills on floor and vault one week and bars and beam the next. Gymnasts will learn gymnastics safety, basic shapes and skills such as cartwheels, bridges, and pullovers. Strength and flexibility training are also introduced at this level. Having fun and working hard is important as they are trying to build skills and self-esteem.

High Rollers (1 hour and 50 minutes)

High Roller classes are for the advanced beginners who is already able to perform basic gymnastics skills and shapes. Instructors will build on skills already learned, as well as introduce new skills like handstands, round-offs, bridge kick-overs, and back hip circles. Strength, flexibility, and overall fitness are further developed to meet the demands of the increased level of the skills learned. Positivity and fun are a must as the skills become more challenging.

Twisters (2 hours)

Twisters is an intermediate class where students will continue their skill progression, strength, and flexibility. Skills like backbends, bar dismounts, and introductory drills for back handsprings are exciting new skills for these students to learn. Hard work, confidence, and persistence are all emphasized at this level as these students learn higher level skills and have fun doing it.

Hurricanes (2 hours)

Our Hurricanes class is an advanced class concentrating on perfecting our gymnasts’ skills, challenging them with new, more difficult skills such as round off back handsprings, front tucks, and front handsprings. We are preparing the for our age group pre-team and team opportunities. Strength and flexibility become a priority for these gymnasts as they are challenged in their skill progressions.

Lightning (2 hours)

Lightning is an advanced class for gymnasts working on higher level skills like round-off back handspring back tucks and kips. These gymnasts will also be encouraged to perfect form and continue to grow their confidence as a gymnast. Any gymnast enrolled in this class should consider taking two classes a week due to the difficult level of the skills being learned, as well as the strength and flexibility required to perform these higher-level skills.

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