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Our gym offers 8 competitive levels in the USAG Women's Junior Olympic programs. Levels 2- 5 are compulsory levels that require all girls team gymnastics competitors to perform the same routine, and are judged according to a model of perfect execution and presentation. Level 6 has Compulsory Elements that must be performed, however the Coaches determine Choreography of the routines. Levels 7, 8, 9, 10 and Elite are Optional levels, in which gymnasts perform routines based on difficulty, execution and composition. Invitation to team is by coach recommendation. Gymnasts must meet age and skill requirements for each level.  


Congrats to Nevaeh Ford,Level 10 Senior and Jr. Instructor at Go For it North, who signed and committed to Arizona Christian University and will be competing with the ACU Acro and Tumbling team next year. 

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